Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes! Chiropractic care and physiotherapy can improve healing dramatically. Ligament damage of the neck and upper back is the primary tissue of concern with these types of injuries.
Very possibly yes. Chiropractic is quite helpful for tension and sinus headaches. It is often beneficial in alleviating some types of migraine headaches also.
Leg pain during pregnancy is very common. It is usually caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve due to pressure from the baby. Gentle chiropractic adjustments are very helpful in safely alleviating the soreness.
Very often knee soreness is due to imbalance or misalignment of the foot or ankle, hip joint, pelvis or lumbar vertebrae. Chiropractic adjustments and/or acupuncture have demonstrated to be advantageous in providing relief for this type of knee discomfort.
Studies have shown that fewer work days are lost by workers with low back injuries receiving chiropractic care. If exercise rehabilitation is included, the healing time is further accelerated.
Chiropractic can slow down the effects of degenerative osteoarthritis. Glucosamine Sulfate is a proven nutritional aid to complement the healing process.